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CMIT Solutions provides IT services to small and medium B2B businesses. The company has a broad menu of technical support and IT services. CMIT has a goal of helping your small business run smoothly and be to prepare for possible IT problems which could arise. Their clients average in size from 5 to 99 employees.

Whether you’re looking for a disaster recovery plan, want to avoid expensive computer problems or a preventative maintenance solution to keep IT costs predictable and avoid the dreaded “off line”, CMIT technical support experts will meet with you to understand your business, and your IT needs, so that they can find the solution that’s right for you.

CMIT Solutions caters to Veterans. The franchise currently offers a 20% discount on their franchise fees. CMIT has approximately 12% of its franchisees whom are Veteran owners.

Patrick Kelly was facing retirement from the U.S. Air Force and undecided about his future. Patrick had served many of his 23 years of service as a cyber-communications officer. Patrick saw an internet ad about CMIT one day. Very soon after the application process, Mr. Kelly was called by the president of CMIT Solutions. He was offered a franchise territory for only the cost of the transfer price, which was $8000. It seems someone had paid the franchise fees to open their own franchise, but then decided to return to the corporate world. The owner’s only request was that his territory be given to a service veteran. Bingo!

A dream comes true for a longtime service veteran. A huge gift valued at $70,000, and being to stay close to his family. Patrick says his biggest lesson for a veteran is learning to network and of course always more training.


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