Tilden Car Care

Financial / Terms

Minimum Investment: $100,000

Support & Training Provided

Financial Assistance Provided: Yes

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Tilden Your Total Car Care Center™ provides you with everything you need to reach your full potential including an extensive two week training program for you, your manager and an additional employee. Our team of experienced Tilden operations personnel will train your team in the technical, mechanical, operational, business and management aspects of running a successful Tilden Your Total Car Care Center™. We’re not just brakes.  The total Car Care Center concept allows you to offer a full menu of automotive services for maximum customer procurement, rather than a limited niche market.  You benefit from a management team where concept, methods, and system were proven and perfected for 75 years before we began offering Tilden franchises

Choose Tilden as your Auto Care Franchise

Why Automotive Repair?

At the end of 2009, there was an estimated 80,061 independent general mechanical service businesses in the United States. These independent businesses employ an approximately 332,262 individuals who provide service and repair, administrative support, and leadership to keep more than 251 million motor vehicles operational. It is estimated that 70 percent (176 million) of out-of-warranty vehicles are repaired at independent shops.

The average age of cars in the United States is 10.6 years. This number is up from 10.2 at the beginning of 2007 as reported by Lang Marketing Resources Inc.
The Automotive Service Association projects total sales for general mechanical repair facilities in 2009 to be $39.8 billion, based on U.S. Census Bureau figures for general mechanical repair. Adding in specialty repair facilities, oil change facilities and transmission shops, the estimated total sales moves closer to $55 billion.
These figures do not include the approximately 20,010 auto dealerships with service facilities that took in approximately $30 billion ($17 billion in labor and $13 billion in parts) in 2008, according to the National Automobile Dealership Association. Dealership closures have collapsed the number of bays, down 8 percent between 2007 and 2008.

With new vehicle sales down 26 percent from September 2008 to September 2009, independent shops have an opportunity to serve consumers whose dealerships have or will soon close their doors.
1Source: International Franchise Association