Direct Marketing Franchises


Money Mailer

Money Mailer has re-invented local business marketing. Franchise becomes an in-house ad agency resource for local, neighborhood businesses in exclusive, protected territory. Franchisees provide a customized, integrated marketing solution that incorporates targeted direct mail, Internet, mobile text messaging, email marketing, smart phone apps and social media. Cost to the business is pennies per household. Franchisee […]


Valpak, Direct Marketing Systems Inc.

Valpak, one of the leading direct marketing companies in North America, is owned and operated by Cox Target Media, along with With over170 franchises across the United States and Canada, the signature Blue Envelope® delivers savings and value to nearly 40 million households each month. Annually, Valpak will distribute some 20 billion offers inserted in […]


Town Planner

Town Planner’s mission is to provide organization and information to families across North America.  We do this through a few different mediums.  Town Planner was started in 1987 with just two suburbs of Cleveland, Ohio.  Today, through the efforts of our publishing group, we serve over 4 million families, in over 500 communities throughout North […]

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