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In June of 2013 Brian Culver and his wife Stacey opened the first Lapels Dry Cleaning store in Oklahoma City. This is the first Lapels location in the state of Oklahoma. All of Lapel’s programs include layout and design, equipment, point of sale system with proprietary software, installation, site selection, supplies, signage, marketing and training.

The company has developed an environmentally-friendly cleaning process which has no odor. The result is usually gentler on clothes, thus lengthening the life of the clothes. Investment for this franchise is as low as $80,000 or more depending on the usual factors of space and location. Not bad for a proven winner with a great system in place.

Now back to Brian and Stacey Culver. Brian is a former USA veteran, having been with the US Navy-Air Test & Evaluation Squadron 31 located in California. Having a solid education Brian entered the financial world after serving with the Navy. At the time, it just did not feel right, so the Culvers started looking at franchises.

The Culvers discovered that many franchises offer discounts to Veterans. Lapels Dry Cleaning appeared to be a growing company and a good fit for his family. Soon after opening, Brian heard of a program where suits were being donated to Paralyzed Veterans of America. Wanting to get involved and help give back, Brian volunteered to dry clean, press and deliver the suits to Paralyzed Veterans of America free of charge. These suits are then delivered to job-seeking Veterans by this same organization, Paralyzed Veterans of America.

Everyone needs a clean start after serving our country. Brian Culver knows many Veterans can use a clean nice suit to begin their journey back into the civilian workforce.

Jim Walsh

Food & Beverage Consultant

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