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Meineke and the unemployed Veterans,

Veterans and everyone in the room, listen up please. Raise your hand if you thought that after ten years as a police officer in the Navy, working your way up to supervisor of the police unit, serving four tours in Iraq, earning numerous medals and getting a business degree, which once out of the service, finding a job would be easy? Ok, about ninety percent of you think so, correct? You can lower your hands as this is not always the case. Serving your country can many times have a negative effect towards your job hunt. No business experience, sometimes behind on the latest technology, post war syndrome, lack of contacts and so many other reasons.

Many of our veterans suffer such a fate. Good men as leaders protecting what we believe in, but many times coming home, getting lost and not being prepared for their return to society. Meet Tom Perez, one of these individuals whom felt he was prepared, but found out otherwise.

Tom Perez of Pensacola, Florida is whom I was writing about in the first paragraph. Tom unfortunately was struggling to find a job once returning home to the USA. A civilian career is challenging for anyone, but can you imagine if you spent four tours in the service and then came home to start your hunt for a new career?

Tom spent nearly a year searching for a job or new career, but no luck. Tom Perez had a young family. With so many turn downs and denials it was becoming discouraging. One day Tom turned to Meineke Car Care for information about becoming a Franchisee.

Meineke reached out with open arms. Soon after applying for a Franchise, Tom was flown to Meineke Auto Care company headquarters in North Carolina.    Meineke offered a discount of 25 percent on his franchise fee and offered him financing lower than bank rates. Tom Perez now operates a Meineke Auto Care Center in Pensacola, Florida, where he now has six employees. Congratulations to Tom Perez, his family and big thanks to Meineke for helping one of our veterans.

Jim Walsh



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