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As Memorial Day 2014 approaches, the wheels are again spinning inside my head. With so many different cultures and beliefs here in the United States of America, many people have slim or no thoughts or education concerning our service Veterans and all the greatness they have done to help keep us safe.

Over the years thousands of lives have been given by families to protect our nation and world. My heart especially goes out to my neighbors. Their only son was killed by a single sniper shot five years ago in Afghanistan. Yes, very very sad.

One company who has stepped forward to help our Veterans is Win Home Inspection. Win Home has made a commitment to assist American Veterans towards owning their own franchise business. Win Homes is a home inspection franchise business. They have developed a program called “WIN for America” Veterans Program. This program will allow up to a 50% discount on franchise fees for qualified Veterans.

One Veteran who recognized the Win Home Inspection opportunity was Retired U.S. Army Staff Sergeant Shilo Harris. He saw Win Home as “the gateway to a new beginning.” Shilo Harris is a Wounded Warrior Veteran and motivational speaker. Realizing the built-in successful system Win Home has developed, Shilo along with his son and wife now have a successful business in San Antonio Texas.

Retired U.S. Army Staff Sergeant Harris and four others soldiers had their truck hit by a roadside bomb. Only two men survived, Sergeant Harris was one. He suffered burns on 35% of his body. Sergeant Harris has since needed several surgeries to his nose, ears and body. Now a few years later, this Wounded Warrior speaker and family man is providing inspiration to many. Win Home Inspections, thank you and please continue to help our veterans.

Jim Walsh

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