Always Best Care Senior Services

Financial / Terms

Minimum Investment: $50,925

Support & Training Provided

Financial Assistance Provided: No


ABC is the only senior care franchise in the industry that provides a turn-key staff management option.

What does this mean?

Faster launch, faster growth – a proven path to success.

Franchisee can now stay focused full time on revenue producing activities – and not risk underachieving by  trying to do both too soon.

Bye-bye FEAR – Hello DEAL!

Ask your clients; “would you enjoy building a senior care business without having to manage the staff of caregivers 24/7?” This will enable you to send ABC many more candidates!

This enables you to recommend ABC to people who realize the huge opportunity in senior care services and are attracted to the meaningful contribution but have reluctance to get into staffing oriented business. Confident business development/sales/marketing prospects jump all over this as it plays to their strengths not slowing them down with administration.

Additional revenue stream from Assisted Living Placement Services.

The advantage to drive immediate and long-term revenue while building local credibility and visibility with all referral sources. This enhanced service for families create additional revenue from the same referral sources.

IMPORTANT NOTE; Many families who are home care referrals decide to move into an assisted living community after they go through their assessment with our franchisee. A franchise built around only assisted living sales activities only captures a limited share of market.  A critical long-term advantage for ABC!

Area Representatives for LOCAL Leadership; A BIG ABC advantage for franchisees!

Always Best Care provides a powerful combination of both corporate and local support:

Corporate Support starts with 12-weeks including; sales performance metrics, marketing, national accounts,   turn-key operating technology, national research associations, system wide benchmarking and third party customer satisfaction support.

Local Support is an additional supplement provided by Local Area Representatives who provide ongoing strategic planning, mentoring, communications and team building with a vested interest in the franchisees success. This adds tremendous value to the franchise opportunity and our sales process!

Expand the franchise to provide skilled home care, but do it wisely.

ABC franchisees have the option of waiting until they exceed $500,000 in ANNUAL billings to start preparing to scale up the business and expand to skilled services. This strategy avoids the risk of unnecessary overhead until it is justified by business growth. Most States may take 12-24 months to complete this process and ABC knows that a gradual approach is the best. This eliminates any sudden increase in overhead or operational complexities.

5-10 years from now many “competitors” will be sending all of the skilled referral’s to us! We see this as a key to the long-term value of the franchise unit. When a customer needs skilled care the billable hours may double, triple or quadruple per-week, a competitive advantage for the franchisee. Our approach is a long, easy transition and we are there to help if a franchisee is not yet ready. This is all about long-term advantages for the franchisee.

Developing the skilled revenue stream is a key element in the asset build, competitive advantage and exit plan. Equally important is that all major 3rd part sources of revenue (Government, Insurance companies…) are all rapidly migrating to standards for non-skilled services that will require the same oversight, evidence-based software for standardized service quality and case management that is required for skilled services. ABC has already created the technology to lead the market and is hiring a full-time skilled services license expert to provide the franchisees with the leadership to make the transition to skilled while saving our franchisees fees exceeding $10,000.