Lenny’s sub shop

Financial / Terms

Minimum Investment: $216,500

Support & Training Provided

Financial Assistance Provided: Yes


Philly Cheese steaks and Sub Sandwiches equals Lenny’s sub shop, It starts with outstanding food. Lenny believes in huge portions, fresh products and premium ingredients.

At Lenny’s Sub Shop, we bake our bread fresh each morning and slice all meats and cheeses to order. Our portions are some of the largest in the sub sandwich segment. Our regular sub is 7.5 inches long and contains almost a half-pound of meats and cheeses. Our large sub is 15 inches and contains almost a full pound of meats and cheeses. Our cheesesteaks are cooked fresh to order and delivered hot off the grill. We believe they are one of the best Philly cheesesteaks you’ll ever try.

 Lenny’s sub shop Magic

Lenny’s Sub Shop follows a simple concept in a wholesome environment and our employees have great personalities. We have implemented many subtle touches to ensure better guest experiences, including larger tables, bigger booths, no trash cans and hand delivered beverage refills. Combine this with great food and we call this the Lenny’s Magic. It helps create a better dining experience, differentiates us in the sub sandwich industry and promotes brand loyalty among our guests.

Function of the owner

Our franchisees provide the personality in the “More Food, More Taste, and More Personality” system of Lenny’s sub shop. Our investor franchisees come from a diverse background and expertise in sales is encouraged. Our owner operator usually has significant experience in the food industry but experience in the food business in not required. Their role is to grow the Lenny’s customer base in a given area and provide leadership to their store or stores management team. It’s with Lenny that you can enjoy the best and the tastiest meals without busting your wallet. At Lenny’s sub shop, you will get served with Authentic Philly Cheesesteaks and the Deli Fresh Experience. Our quality and attention to details is what makes us the best sub provider.